Nik Olajuwon was very creative at a  young age. The things and situations he has saw from California to Florida and everything in between has shaped his view on this world. He has been a victim of the Kids for Cash scandal where a Wilkes-Barre judge was incarcerating kids on menial offenses. Nik Olajuwon loved art class in elementary school and there he has said he felt the most free. He has attended L.C.C.C. art school as well as earned a art certification in Glen Mills. He has furthered his education in art and knowledge of social issues by self teaching especially when dealing with his paintings subjects. He has showed his work in Pittston Pennsylvania's Art on Main gallery as well as Williamsport Pennsylvania's Barrel 135. He is influenced by numerous artists including Francisco Goya, Francis Bacon, Jean Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, and George Condo. He states that his goal when creating art is to open the eyes of the viewer to make the feel something whether it be sad,enlightened,angry,happy,or disturbed. Nik Olajuwon loves dichotomies in nature. He hasn't pursued much in terms of schooling as he doesnt want to have any influences in his style of painting that may stray him from what he really enjoys. He stated "if I can move someone in any way my job has been completed".